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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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mild temperature readings and humidity has dropped down just a little bit. we're going to keep things warm with highs in the low 80s. this quiet w wther pattern will stick around through the upcoming weekend with the breeze building at the beaches. temperatures are in the 60s, 69 in miami, 6 in forlauderdale, west kendall a 69 in key west t. day planner is going with a dry day all the w w through the overnight with lows in the 70s. your morning commute is looking excellent, mostly dry. wewe just have some clouds around. i'll be back with t complete forecast in a few minutes. now at 5, his son missing for months. (inaudible) >> a he was arrested trying to leave the country. >> instead of being out trying to find him they lock me up for a month. >> an emotional interview about
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>> diana: he was cleared of all charges an releleed after a month behind bars. >> ashley: it's a month he said he could be looking for his son. alex de armas is live at. >> reporter: this father said his son is a good student but he oos runun away before in the past. now charges are drop and he's out of jail and he will now start the search for his son. >> instead of me being out trying to fine him, they lock me up for a month. >> reporter: tears from a free man. a south florida father who now has to fine his son. (inaudible) >> reporter: the 16-year-old missing since december after the two got into an argent during a car ride.
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told him to walk home and hasn't seen him since. >> i lef a message or two or call or both. >> reporter: police arresting him for dissertion. >> everything was presefrpgs, there's no facts. >> reporter: one fact remains, he's still missing. >> please be safe. please come home. please come home. >> reporter: and so since he's still missing this morning, there is a $5,000 reward for anyone that helps reunite this father and son. for more information, go to our web site
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broward county courthouse, i'm alex de armas, today in florida. >a south florida mom happy to have her two-month-old home after the heart ache of having her snatched at gunpoint. her cousin kidnapped her daughter over the weekend. an amber alert was issued. the daughter was returned safe and sound and mom has a strong message to her cousin. >> i spoke to stephanie. iold her that she broke me. i'm praying for her. >> what will you tell your daughter one day? >> that mommy loves you. >> reporter: the cousin, stephanie augustin was arrested along with her cousin. she was found alone in an apartmtmt and returned to her mother on sunday. four minutes pt the hour now your time.
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what could be evidence. they discovered a black lexus they had been looking for. police suspecting the person driving it may have been involved in the crime. king carter was killed by a stray bullet in front of his apartment on february th. days later, three teens ages 16, 17 and 18 were arrested by police, thanks to tips by the community and all remain behind rs charged with murder. in the race for the white house, t gop field could soon have one less candidate. >> diana: the big focus today will shift to rift romney. campaign. >> reporter: ben carson said he may be out of the presidency.
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campaign. meanwhile, 2012 gog nominee planted something thursday. he expressed concern on donald trump's candidacy. mitt romney is having a news conference tomorrow to criticize me, just another desperate move by an a man who easily should have beaten barack obama. on supertuesday, he cemented his first place by winning seven states. ted cruz won three and chowod down at an aarbecue restaurant wednesday. marco rubio continued to stump for votes. after a lack of super tuesday where he won one state, many asked about his chances. >> i voted for marco rubio.
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for myself here today in the place where i start mid career in west miami. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton's spirits high after winning seven states. she appeared at radio city music hall where elton john and katie perry also performed. >> america has always been great. we do not have to make it great. what we have to do is make america whole. and that moons working with one another. >> reporter: bernie sander's path may be narrowing and after winning four states tuesday, he said any talk of clinton locking up the nomination is pretty mature. florida set to be a crucial state as the campaigns look ahead to primary here in the sunshine state is march 15th. in the newsplex, alex diprato,
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a quick look at the delegate count on the republican side 1237 is the magic number for the nomination. right now trump has 319, cruise 206 and rubio 110. on democratic side: if you haven't done so yet, now is a good time to download the voice your choice app. itis always updated with the latest from the campaign trail. the supreme court considering a controversial case involving a law that could drastically involve the number of abortion cleanics. >> women's health and quality of care is what this is all about, and whatever kind of decision they choose to make. >> with the stroke of a pen, texas tried to take that away from us. today we call on the supreme court to step in and snd up to
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control our bodies and our lives. >> ashley:y:he 2013 law imsed stricter laws on clinics. the law appears to be heavenly decided. a decision is not expected for several months. and preside obama may be clcle to nominate who will fill the empty cou seat. jane kelly previouy worked as a public defender and serving as appellate judge where she was unanimously confirmed by the senate. the president is likely to make his selection in the next couple of weeks. a legendary astronaut is back home after spending almost a year in ace. scott kelly returned to houston overnight where he was welcomed
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biden's wife, jill biden. he toughed down with his two russian colleagues after returning from the international space station. >> a year is a long-time, you know. it felt like i had been up there my whole life after about the first six months. >> ashley: nasa scientists will be comparing his body against twin brother hoping to use this information against future missions to mars. and time now to check on stories making news today. >> ashley: omar lewis is in the plex with that. >> omar: a mystery-making police officer honored. they will designate section of 175th street.. harris was the first african-american police officer in floda a served 20 years with the miami-dade police department. plus, american idol unveiling its amazing 8. two contestant wills be sent
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show leaving the remaining eight to sing for your vote. it also happens to be idol's 550th episode. it starts here at 7. acrobatic acts taking stage. the cirque du soleil setting up for show starting tonight at #:30. around world golf championship kicks off in doral. some of the best golfers competing at donald trump's courur n. the plex, omar lewis, today in florida. the miami world center set to break ground today. crews preparing to work on next mega project this morning. the world center is a 27-acre project including a residential tower an open air shopping center t. $2 billion project will be the second largestst urban development behind new york's hudson yards. pretty cool.
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did you see macy's? [ laughter ] new attraction will be flowing from the happiest place on earth. disnsn kingdom trending this morning. an we havee carnaval on the mile. it's going to be a whole lot of fun. bring out the family an friends for this wonderful event. the weekend weather is looking great. the forecast is coming up next. and later a break in the case after a yearlong investigation. arrest made in a multimillion
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video of the take down on just one station. welcome back. trending thiss morning, the night set to come alive at disney's animal kingdom t. happiest place on earth announcing a new river of lights. they released vid of what it would look like all lit up. it will set in the asian part of the park. they will call forth spirit gooid and lead the audience through the journey. great element wills be featured in rivers of light. good morning, south florida. hopefully we are waking up to dry start.
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quiet commute through the next couple of days. temperaturewise is pleasant one, 69 in miami, 69 degrees in key west with some clouds streaming in early-morning around the western suburbs in the upper 60 wz the breeze rite now from the north-northeasttt 8 miles an hour t. big view showing another stor system setting up shop and we have some thunderstorms now starting to roll in to sections of mississippi, alabama and also tennessee and then where the air is colder, we have snow around parts of chicago, freezing rain moving into the great lakes. temperature readings chilly in chicago at 29, 26 in minneapolis, much warmer towards the south ahead of the system. 6 in san antonio to 57 in new leans. here at home in south florida, we remain urn the influence o of high pressure keeping things quiet and mostly dry. outside of a coastal shower
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wills be at an a minimum. the front will really cross through unnoticed on saturday and the same set up will be underway. if your p plans take you beach or boating today, luckily we don't have any advisories since the wind and sea wills be light. out of the southeast any where between 10 to 15 knots, seas building one to two feet, bay waters light chop, coastal waters between one to two feet inside the reef. next high tide 3:31 this afternoon in dade and broward, 5:46 in the lower keys. forecast highs in the 80s once again. tonight's lows in the mid to upper 60s with the extended outlook calling for quiet weather throughout the entire weekend with forecast highs above average. early next week temperature readings go back down to seasonal. that is your 7 on 7 forecast. and straight ahead this morning from the newsplex, as early voting in florida's
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closer look an at the issue concerning the miami beach convention center that's on the ballot. >> diana: and we have been asking you to send in your picture perfect mornings using hashtag#senditto7 #senditto7. this one is of the beach.
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we're coming right back. welcome back. controversy brewing over proposed hotel. >> diana: ann keil reports that others worry it will bring something else. >> reporter: tffic corral to the controversial debate over
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head quarter hotel. the proposed 25-story building in these renderings. it's on the ballot because it's city owned. >> the wrong place. the wrong deal. >> reporter: those who proposed the project fear an increase in traffic and an its height. >> i think it's going to overwhelm the entire lincoln road historic distrith. their voice heard. under the terms of the t agreement, he would pay the city an estimated $25 million per year in lease and tax payments. >> this would be generating revenuee to our city to pay for education initiative, antiflooding, pay for public transportation. >> reporter: the proposed hotel would replace this parking lot adjacent to the convention center that's undergoing $615
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and this office building would have to go to be demolished for that hotel. >> the convention bureau is going to change how we market that building from consume shows and trade shows to real conventions. >> reporter: ourism officials argue that convention attentees won't need a c and claim a city-funded traffic study shows potential for decrease in traffic woes. >> reporter: all they're doing is spending ney. it's not possible that you build a mega project and not going to have a huge impact on traffic. >> reporter: as the debate heats up, voters are starting to head to the polls. the projecec requiring 6 percent of approval. if that happen, they could welcome visitors in march of 2017. coming up in the next half@ hour of new, a teen accused of posing as a doctor arrested once again. this morning we're going to tell
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and crooks in and out smashing their way into business and smashing everything in sight.
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station. that's today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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news. the feds storming a south florida home. video of the take down on just one station. a palm beachheen accused of playing doctor facing more
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what he was doing during the a pretend house call. and someone blong the whistle after resently looking at erin andrews nude video. and could debris thaha walked up on coast of africa be part of malaysia flight 370? those details ahead. good morning. i'm omar lewis inn for christine cruz. >> diana: and i'm diana diaz. we begin with a look at the forecast with meteorologist vivian gonzalez. >> vivian: hi there. hopefully everyone is off to a great start. we are waking up to a f few more humidity. we're going to keep things warm in the afternoon with high temperatures going in the 80s. this quiet weather pattern seems it will stick around through the upcoming weekend with the better breeze building along the coast. right now we're in the 60s. 69 degrees in miami, 67 in fort lauderdale, 68 degree, good


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